During the current climate many people are looking to re-train or up skill in a new career and depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled for funding for courses in Health and Fitness or complimentary therapy sector. The Fitness Academy are currently working with many funding agencies and helping people get funding for our fitness instructor course, personal training course and sport massage courses.

There is funding available for training/education, but it depends on individual circumstances.If you are unemployed you should sign on at your local dole office and register with FAS at your local FAS office in order to try and access funding. Two of the main offices that you can contact are:

Local Emploment Service Network

LESN offices offer a wide range of services from career planning to job searching and also have a role in accessing funding. LESN can advice you if you are entitled to funding and how and where to get it. Click here to access the website for more information.

Local social welfare offices

Social welfare have a role to play in issuing funding for training/education which is mainly via the local welfare offices and the jobs facilitator.This will help people get qualified in various professions leading to employment opportunities. You can be referred by social welfare or FAS to the jobs facilitator or you can contact them directly and make an appointment. Click here to access the website for more information

The role of FAS and Department of Social Protection

Many of the services provideed by FAS have been transferred to the Department of Social Protection, however many of the services,offices personal and programs remain the same.

Their main functions is still to provide training for its clients. They also play a role in assisting with career planning via their guidance officers in local offices. The main priority of FAS at local level would be to help you identify a course or career which they can provide through their own training programmes. However in some cases, they may provide you with funding or help you access funding, for courses which they do not provide, or if there is a long waiting list for a course they do provide.Click here to access the website for more information.


Whichever agency you choose to contact, it is important you have researched a ‘career plan’ in mind that incorporates the course which you are looking for funding for. The person issuing, or making the recommendations for the funds to be issued, will need to know that the course will enhance your career or employment prospects, or lead to self employment.

The Fitness Academy specialises in these areas and have helped many people with information needed for their funding on our courses. Contact us for more information on these procedures and we will gladly assist you on your way to a life changing opportunity.