Our Mission

At The Fitness Academy our goal is to produce the highest level of fitness professionals within the Health and fitness industry. Our mission is to be the driving force in the improvement of health and fitness services ,We strive to produce the best professionals with each course and to maximise the potential of each student to an international standard , this will give each graduate the opportunity to succeed in their chosen profession. We aim to provide each student a first class, high quality learning experience with our skilled professionals, up to date training methods and concepts to build on their own personal and professional growth.
Patrick O Hanlon owner & director of The Fitness Academy feels the standards of the fitness professionals in Ireland needs to improve and with all the years experience within the industry he aims to bring fitness to a whole new level and up to international standards in Ireland..if you are looking to get qualified as a fitness professional make sure the qualification is well recognised so
that you are employable and can get insured at the end. Our goal is not just to get you through your exams, but more, its for you to get the most out of the each course, learn from the best within the industry to give you the confidence to succeed in your chosen career.